by Chillociraptor

Released 2015
Gossain Music
Released 2015
Gossain Music
Smooth Jazz mixed with Chillout, Latin, Electronica, and more.
The spark for this project came to Latin Grammy-nominated producer Danilo Gossain, -a Berklee College of Music graduate, as he was enjoying some time off in Cartagena, Colombia. He was at a bar, and suddenly they started playing some chillout music, and he wondered if he could do something similar, but using less computer-sequenced and sampled instruments and more real ones. So, early in January of 2015 he contacted Antonio Gandía, -a fellow Berklee grad, bassist, and long-time friend and music collaborator. Danilo and Antonio began writing music, bouncing ideas off each other, all done over the internet, since Danilo lives in Bogota, Colombia, and Antonio lives in New Jersey, U.S.A.

Soon, they thought about inviting more people into the project, and along came saxophonist Nacho Maldonado, from Mexico City, who is also Antonio’s long-time friend and music collaborator. They also invited pianists Justo Morao and Daniel LaRotta and drummer Ippei Morofuji to play on some tracks.

Suddenly, the project took on a whole different direction and they changed their approach. It was no longer just about chillout music, as they began incorporating many other musical styles. They played whatever sounded good to their ears. They spent about ten months composing, arranging, recording and mixing this music, paying a lot of attention to every detail.
Some of the tracks have elements of electronica, others of Latin music. Some have jazz harmonies, blues progressions, reggae…they have achieved a very interesting mix of electronic instruments and acoustic, even Mexican pre-Hispanic ones, such as Nacho’s conch shells. Their use dates back to the Mayans and the Aztecs!

Danilo, Nacho and Antonio have been professional musicians for well over 20 years. They stand behind their music and have poured their hearts into it, spending countless hours writing, recording and mixing it. They are all very excited about this project.
You are probably wondering about how they came up with the name ‘Chillociraptor’. After much thought, they found this to be a nice and humorous contrast to how seriously they take this music. It is also memorable and unique. Even Google could not find anything related to ‘chillociraptor’ before they coined the project’s name!

Chillociraptor is:
Danilo Gossain: composer, producer, engineer, arranger, percussion, electric guitars and keyboards.
Nacho Maldonado: composer, producer, saxophones, flutes, conch, EWI, keyboards.
Antonio Gandía: composer, arranger, producer, electric and acoustic basses, electric guitars, keyboards.